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The Lead with Grace Workshop

Now Scheduling Virtually and In-Person for 2023!

Throughout my career, I have helped guide people to step outside their comfort zones, follow sparks of ideas, and lead right where they are.   

The Lead with Grace interactive workshops blend personal story, practical strategies, and joyful improv theatre and/or writing exercises to tap into a mindset of grace. Typical sessions range from 1-2 hours.   


Example sessions include 

Stepping Out, from Fear to Grace:    Surrendering Judgment, Control, and the Need for Approval 


Writing with Grace: Reflections for your Inner Leader 


The Grace Life Project: A Process for Walking in your Passion and Purpose    


Tailored to meet your women's, youth, church, or community organization's needs, I can customize a workshop session that leaves people feeling connected, empowered, and energized. 

To find out more contact me at

Serving the Twin Cities metro area and surrounding communities. Virtual options available. 




"Every single lesson I learned reflected on my own life so much. You are always so incredibly caring! Thank you so much for all your time, hard work, thought and effort you put into that project. I seriously live so differently after that experience."

BROOKE  / The Grace Life Project Pilot Session Participant 

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