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Writing with Grace Toolkit: Sensory Language

Sometimes we just need to be reminded of all the subtle variations in our senses. Or maybe we are well-too aware?

If any of you out there are allergy sufferers, my heart goes out to you this time of year. My dear husband is, and I see first hand how the senses are heightened and activated as soon as the winds of spring blow and the buds start to form on the newly awakening trees.

Of course as an English teacher, for as much as my empathy is extended to my husband, I also am reminded of all the ways our senses are so alive and how we often overlook this gift. So the next time you need some vibrant imagery or just a moment to reflect on the magic of the senses, I have a helpful imagery word list for you to turn to! If your senses are currently driving you nuts-- allergies, barking dogs, the faint smell of dog pee in the carpet-- I hear ya'. Sensory details, while useful in life and writing, sometimes also can be an obstacle for us highly sensitive people too!

If that's you, may I also suggest a paper bag over your head. Or hiding in your car in the garage? Both have worked for me!

Sensory Word List Printable
Download PDF • 234KB

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