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I Want To Drive Far.

we should whisper.

Why? There Is No One Else.

right. so do it for me.

hmm. fair.

not that quiet.



i want to drive far.

like to grandma’s house far?

further. alone.


or maybe with you. can you be quiet and still? can you listen, actually listen, when i play a song on the radio and implicitly tell you to listen because it means something to me that i don't know how to say otherwise?

i can listen. listening is the first duty of love.

right... what? where did you get that from?

it was on a sign at a repair shop in my hometown. they often put mildly profound sentiments up there.

interesting. so you can listen then? this won't be an issue? because at times you say you want to listen but then you don't.

i will.

okay. then you can come.

why do you want to drive so far away?

if you're there it won't be "away."

but it won't change anything.

i want to feel new. i want to not be tired. i want to laugh at myself.

so do it.

i want to wake up and not think "well, this is going to suck."

you think that?

sometimes. not often, but when i do i feel it all the way to the bone.

that's life.

NO. it’s part of life. i want it to be as small a part as possible.

do you want to find out, or are you just fishing for sympathetic souls?

both, maybe?

stop fishing.


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