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Connect through the Lead with Grace Book Club!

Expand your circle of connections doing something you are probably doing anyway--reading!

Hi, friends!

If you are anything like me, you LOVE to read. You always have some book going to help you grow in your faith, in your personal development, in your relationships, in your understanding of the world.

For years, my relationship with these kinds of books was a pretty abusive one. Not realizing that my thirst for reading in this area was based on a sense of lack and unworthiness, I searched for strategies, tools, information, and ideas that would somehow change who I was. Of course, I didn't necessarily realize I was doing this, but I suffered the results nevertheless. Like a young James Gatz, I clutched my various "Hopalong Cassidy" books, making my lists and searching for transformation. Destructive paths have their breaking points, and when mine came a few years ago now in the area of control and anxiety, I realized the shadow behind my love of reading, learning, and"improving."

Yet as a teacher and a naturally curious person who loves to gather new information, I also appreciate the great value of reading and developing knowledge, skills, and strengths. It's like one of the narrow country roads I learned to drive on-- just stay toward the middle. Either side of the ditch will get you into trouble! So this book club is set up with that in mind. How can we read and explore tools and strategies from a healthy place and just "experiment" with a strategy and make some new distinctions that might help--not fix. We are not broken!

The Lead with Grace book club is our new six-book adventure to support the connection of everyday leaders, leading right where they are with everything they are. Here we’ll gather together and read books and share conversations in the area of personal development, faith, communication, and leadership. Each month’s book will center around a theme important to the work we do here --Mindset, Communication, Collaboration, Connection, Self-Care, and Faith.

Our first month’s theme launches in April, with the launch of the second season of the Lead with Grace podcast.I am so excited for new interviews and conversations with everyday leaders! For April, we will read and discuss Burnout by Emily and Amelia Nagoski. We begin with self-care. Because I don’t know about you, but when I’m exhausted and feeling burned out, I’m a worse everything.

Lead with Grace’s strength is our size! Not thousands of unknown people. Friends and friends of friends will gather together in the private Facebook group to share reflections, insights, experiences, tools, encouragement, and laughter. Each month’s theme will end with an episode of the Podcast where hosts Jenny and Karina will each share their own stories of trying out three strategies and ideas from the book.

Grab a friend, grab a copy of Burnout, and join the circle of conversation!

Small steps, wrapped in lots of grace.

Cheering for you!


Check out our private Facebook Group Book Club! Podcast links are on iTunes, Spotify , and Google Podcasts.

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