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Hi. I'm Karina.

I don't know about you, but have you noticed that much of the world's work goes unseen and unsung? Yet there you are, each day trying again to give to others and grow in yourself, your skills, your faith. In this quiet time, I want to be a cheerleader for you. 

We will use one of our most powerful tools, communication,

to ourselves,  

through thinking,

through writing,

through speaking,

through collaboration.


Previous to entering teaching, I studied as a musician, dancer, actor, and classically trained singer. I hold a Bachelor of Arts degree in theatre with a minor in vocal music. As a young actor and theatre director, I worked in the corporate world to earn a living. Through these jobs, I realized how valuable skills in communication and writing were in the business marketplace.


However, teaching is in my blood, and I felt called to the classroom to work with high school students in these areas. I continued my education and hold a Master of Arts in Teaching degree, licensed in both Communication Arts and Literature and Theatre Arts and Dance. While teaching, for a decade I directed theatre and coached speech, my early music and dance training helping to develop my students' physical and vocal presence. I continually grow in my field, with additional graduate work in the areas of Education, Communication, and English writing. As a teacher, I am passionate about helping people find and develop their own unique voice and encourage them to find ways to use it for the betterment of our world. I believe we are spiritual, social beings who lead best contributing to the greater good. I believe we teach best what we most need to learn.     

Recovery from Anxiety, Self-Criticism, Judgement  

For years, in order to grow in my own leadership, I pored over a full library of leadership, spiritual, and personal development books, often feeling paralyzed by information. I've wrestled with self-criticism and judgment, mistakenly thinking that this would lead to excellence. Instead, it led to me feeling unhealthy and unhappy. In the process of healing these wounds, I have reframed my drive:

I am enough.

I want to learn and grow.

I can share that with others.

I may get it wrong.

Each day, I lean in to God's grace.    

Integrated Whole 

As I became a busy mom to two daughters, I've shifted from theatre directing and speech coaching to new ways that apply these skills in my field. Currently, I have found opportunities in project-based learning, helping students find their own passions and develop leadership and professionalism skills. We apply writing, public speaking, collaboration, problem solving (and even theatre improv!) to real-world community, nonprofit, and corporate business projects. I continue to share my vocal music, through my church's music ministry program and praise band. This work has been so rewarding and life-giving to me. Lead with Grace has become an organic extension of this season of my life's work.


For someone who has spent most of her life on a stage, it might be surprising how difficult it is to step out now through Lead with Grace. So many reasons beckon us back to our seats. Time, the eyes of others, our own doubts. When I coach my students, I often forget these feelings of exposure that keep us small. As I expand my circle, I, too, again feel that sense the insecurity that speakers, writers, and leaders often feel but don't communicate, feelings that we must all work through to move toward our visions of what could be.


Lead with Grace integrates all these passions, and I hope my journey will provide encouragement and resources for all who seek to lead right where they are


Educational Inspiration

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