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lead with grace

 communication support through the whole story of leadership

Reflect. Connect.

Expand. Encourage. 

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What I Do Here




Mindset, Faith, and Spiritual Reflection 


Encouraging Everyday Leaders 


Speaking and Workshops 

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I encourage everyday leaders,

leading right where they are,

with everything they are. 

As a teacher of English, public speaking, and theatre, I am passionate about helping people find and develop their own unique voice. For years, in order to grow in my own leadership, I pored over a full library of leadership, spiritual, and personal development books and podcasts, often feeling paralyzed by information. Simple steps wrapped in lots of grace helped me (and still does!) break through to action.

Lead with Grace integrates all these passions, and I hope my journey into this new classroom will provide encouragement and resources for all who seek to lead right where they are.

Cheering for you, 


"Writing helps to free my thoughts and to tap into what is important to me, to find clarity, and to hear that still small voice break through the chatter of my mind. I love combining the practical in the profound, the transcendence in the everyday ordinary." 

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